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The Podcast that brings your stories, poems, and other tales to life
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How it works


Poetry, shorts, flash fiction. Anything under 2000 words goes.

You Submit for Short Form Podcast

Fill out the form below to submit yourself for consideration.

We Produce for Short Form Podcast

We'll take your piece and have a professional voice actor read it.


Join us on our show to introduce your work and tell us what else you're working on.

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Can I submit previously published work?

Absolutely! If it's been published before, simply let us know where and when (with a link if possible). Our goal is to be additional support for you in your journey of getting your writing seen.

Do I give up my copyright?

No. By submitting, you simply agree to let us record audio for your submission and publish it publicly on our podcast. You also give us the right to print it at a later date in future anthologies (however all publishing rights stay with you). We also retain the right to pull the episode at any time if we feel the content or creator no longer align with our values.

What happens if my submission is accepted?

 If your submission is accepted we'll reach out to you through the email you through the email you provided to set up a time to record our podcast episode together!

Are there any content guidelines?

We do not accept erotica, propaganda, or torture porn.