Winter’s Bite

Winter's Bite by Josiah Crocker

Her thoughts are scattered, knees weak arms are tired
She brushes the dish soap off her hands and tries to calm herself but its not the way shes wired
He says comes home baby, it’ll be alright
But shes a million miles away in that room tonight
Screen door’s knock knocking but nobody’s home
Just the beating drum of another broken home
Words like paper in the desert air
Lighting fire in their hearts at the slightest flare
Of emotions, the whole place goes so quiet
Water spinning down the drain to fill the silence
She breathes in but no sounds ever come out
A stutter forms but she can’t figure it out
I Love You she finally says, with a heave of her shoulder
I Love You too he says, and reaches out to hold her
From the outside all you’d see is frosted glass
A rickety step or two, as you walk on past
But on the inside of every house
Their wages a war between every spouse
To love each other until the bitter end
No matter the weather, through thick, and thin


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Josiah Crocker