Oedipus Rex

Oedipus Rex by Josiah Crocker Banner Bad Bear

Oedipus was a dinosaur
He had big teeth, and large claws
He had a brother and sister, ma’s and pa’s
His tail could whip, and his talons could rip
But he was no ordinary t-rex you’d find on a school trip
Yes his bite was ferocious and something to fear
but that dear friends is where the similarities disappear
You see the dinos were mean, and quick to incite
All the ferocities you read about in those books late at night
But Oedipus liked books, and berries and trains
He’d stay home at night and sort out his brain
For it ran for miles, it was not like the others
His head was too big for his childish brothers
Numbers and patterns flew round his noggin
Until one fateful day a friend a’came knockin
It is I Oedipus, a man they call Plato
I’m here to warn you, of what I can’t say though
Just look to the stars and you’ll see your near fate
It burns very bright and intends to deflate
The world as you know it, I beg you to run
For that light in the sky is not just the sun
You must band together, and seek some great shelter
The trees and the mountains shall soon start to swelter
The rivers will dry, and the critters will die,
You’ll have no food left, just a hungry goodbye
If you move fast enough, your race just might make it!
For the descendants who follow are wholly unfit
To run this great world that we have been gifted
For I fear in the future our priorities have drifted.

“Who are you, what are you, where did you come from?”

“Just a man who has seen, what evil shall be done”

Its nothing to worry, for if you succeed
A figment of your imagination I am destined to be
So off walked the man, curious as can be
Where he went off too Oedi dare not go see
Up to the hills Plato did hobble
And nestled right down in a small bed of cobble
The sky grew quite bright, and a roar filled the air
As his mind drifted back to an earth unaware
In a time not yet gone by, but soon to be by-gone
The Earth’s second shot, a budding new dawn
While the balance of time is forever offset
I think I’ll enjoy just one last sunset.


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Josiah Crocker