I love to write the quiet moments in life. The ones that happen between the battles and the bloodshed of war. The ones we remember when the dust has settled and all that is left is our slow beating hearts yearning for more.

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, I started writing from a very young age. My first taste of a dedicated readership was when my grade five teacher read my short story about a superhero named Lactose Intolerant Man – a painfully autobiographical tale – to the rest of the teachers during lunch hour in the break room. To my delight she asked for another. I wrote three stories in total for them before my adolescent mind moved onto other ideas and problems like how to get a girl to talk to me.

However, along with the glittering success of my superhero shorts came the inevitable crash of peaking at such a young age, and I soon found myself showing my work to less and less people, buried in my own thoughts and scribbling ideas down on the inside of my own mind. It’s only now, twenty odd years later that I finally got a girl to talk to me – she even agreed to marry me – and now I can get back to the writing. I enjoy screenwriting, short and long form fiction, as well as poetry.